Myanmar has been shielded in mystery and closed to outsiders for decades. The most exclusive motrocycle tours on earth are now a reality, made possible by recent openings in the bamboo curtains that have, until recently, hidden the country from view.

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New CRF250L’s at Myanmar Motorcycle Tours

"This just in, Myanmar Motorcycle Adventures has just taken possession of the 1st Honda CRF250L to arrive in Mandalay, and now has 4 brand new Honda CRFLs to offer for unrivaled touring pleasure in this unspoilt motorcycling paradise!!" … [Read More...]


Myanmar Orphanage Project

  The star of the show, Mr. Thun Ti For many riders passing through remote villages the very idea that the next Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, or even the modern artist Banksey, could be right here among you is just plain silly. But that’s exactly what trekking leader and native Shan State resident Thun Ti and his wife have  seen. With nearly 15 years trekking these mountains, Thun Ti, his wife Violet, and his father-in-Law, Sam have just … [Read More...]